Online Marketing Trends from Small Businesses

You can say all you want, on how great your product is , how amazing of a personal trainer you are or even how incredible of sales person you are, but the key thing is to grasp your prospect attention. How to get their attention ? Generate content about your field! Provide value on a daily basis using all these different FREE social media platforms, you must dominate your field online

– In 2017, the dominant vehicle to market your business is videos – Youtube has been the leader for many years but now all the other platforms are supporting videos.
Reality is that 50% of our time is spent on social media so If your strategy around communicating is not social media , you have zero relevancy for the next decade.

1- Social Media

Everyone is on social , it is the primary driver for 2017.
Big Brand are not great at social media – Small businesses will soon compete big brands and here is why :
Their content looks amazing , professionally edited but they are disconnected from their customers and they are missing one major factor ! They are missing authenticity , the story telling behind their products, and they miss the heart.

2 – Video Domination

Videos will dominate in 2017 ! And not only Youtube will dominate but we have the other players such as Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter which are becoming solid contenders. Being able to showcase your knowledge and position yourself as an industry expert will be extremely important. Video storytelling is the new blogging, I highly encourage small business owners to practice their storytelling in front of a camera. You don’t need to rehearse or have a camera crew , Everyone has a smartphone and the quality on these devices is amazing ! Big brands are disconnected from their customers, this is where you can differentiate yourself by showcasing your passion, expertise but most importantly your authenticity!

3 – Mobile

It is no mystery that people spend an enormous amount of time on their phones, so if you are not mobile ready in 2017 , you need to take action now !

Reality is that for the last few years there was a big shift to mobile and this trend is increasing as we speak , where mobile is taking a more prominent place.

4 – Facebook Ads

If you are not on Facebook ads , you are missing a big opportunity in targeting people in your area with specific interests. More companies are jumping on the band wagon with facebook ads as it provides the possibility to generate qualified leads in your area where you can specify your target audience on Age range, Location and Interests.

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