Get Your Business Started Online

Congratulations! You are now a small business owner but you have no clue what an online presence is all about! Here are few pointers that will guide you towards the right direction.


Reality is that there are multiple options out there and it can be overwhelming from monthly subscriptions to one exorbitant off payment.
Many business owners pay a fortune to have a website built for them and once it’s built, it’s just online and inactive not generating any sales or leads.
There are also many alternatives that will cost almost nothing but there is a learning curve attach to it.

Self Managed
There is a learning curve but free or very cheap to set up, check our tutorials in getting an functional website to generate sales or leads.

We highly recommend that you check our tutorial before making any decision in using a fully managed option. These agencies tend to over charge for services that are very simple and straight forward.

Social Media

Let’s say you have created all the social media accounts that can possibly exist, reality is that it is not enough. Depending on your niche or sector, you should be selecting the right platform for your business, Social Media can be a nebulous concept but again content is king here. You need to generate valuable content for your targeted audience and show the authentic side of your business where your potential customers can relate to you and identify you as an expert in your field.

Online Marketing

If you are not doing any Paid Online Marketing you are missing out on a lot of qualified leads for your business. If you are spending money in news papers, flyers or even tv commercials , you are doing marketing from the previous era! You must assign a monthly budget for your online marketing and create a sales funnels that will bring you real leads ! The beauty about online marketing is that you are about to quantify where your leads are coming from and control your budget accordingly.

Finally, Your Online Presence should not just be an online business card but it should be a lead collector, if an agency or designer is not doing this for you , you need to find someone that can build a complete sales funnel that will convert potential clients into a paying customers. Remember that a well executed Online Presence is an eco-system that is designed to bring you new business and nurture existent clients.

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